Former team of me Collectors Room Berlin


Prof. Dr. Dr. Thomas Olbricht (President)
Herbert Bäcker

Manager, Curatorial Affairs

Sarah Sonderkamp (

Head of Exhibitions

Irena Osadtsaja from 2017 until 2020

Head of Programme

Thyra Castell from 2019 until 2020

Head of Press & Communication

Tina Volk from 2010 until 2020

Head of Events & Gastro

Jana Nuß from 2015 until 2020

Technical Manager

George Barber from 2010 until 2020


Geeske Bijker von 2010 bis 2020


Curator of the Olbricht Collection: Sarah Sonderkamp

Wunderkammer Olbricht: Georg Laue

1. PASSION FRUITS – picked from the Olbricht Collection: Wolfgang Schoppmann

2. OUYANG CHUN – Painting the King: Dr. Margrit Brehm

3. William N. Copley and Andreas Slominski – X-RATED: Wolfgang Schoppmann, Andreas Slominski

4. All Cannibals?: Dr. Jeanette Zwingenberger

5. MY PARIS – Collection Antoine de Galbert: Antoine de Galbert

6. Gerhard Richter – Editions 1965-2011: Wolfgang Schoppmann, Hubertus Butin

7. Through the Looking Glass: Nóra Belovai, Rianne Groen, Marte Elisabeth Paulssen

8. ART & TOYS – Collection Selim Varol: Selim Varol

9. WONDERFUL – Humboldt, Krokodil & Polke: Thomas Olbricht

10. PLAY – The Frivolous and the Serious: Anna-Antonia Stausberg, Philippa O’Driscoll

11. Schöne Grüsse Thomas Schütte: Thomas Schütte

12. PAPERWORLDS: Valeska Hageney, Sylvia Volz

13. Stanze/Rooms – Works from the Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Collection: Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo

14. Exotica and 4 other cases of the self: Fanny Nina Borel, Myrto Katsimicha, Elisabetta Rabajoli

15. Fragile Sense of Hope – Art Collection Telekom: Nathalie Hoyos, Rainald Schumacher

16. QUEENSIZE – Female Artists from the Olbricht Collection: Nicola Graef

17. A Man Walks Into a Bar…: Franziska und Johannes Sperling

18. A Book of Burning Matches: Collecting Installation Art Documents: Nicolas de Oliveira, Nicola Oxley

19. Falling Fictions: Amy E. Brown, Alejandro Alonso Diaz, Rosie Snaith

20. Cindy Sherman – Works from the Olbricht Collection: Cindy Sherman

21. Private Exposure: Fabiola Flamini, Eilidh McCormick, Alice Montanini

22. My Abstract World: Thomas Olbricht

23. PICHA/IMAGES – Between Nairobi & Berlin: Juliet Kothe

24. Sigmar Polke – The Editions: Tereza de Arruda

25. Edition 12-21

26. Portrait of a Nation: Abu Dhabi Music & Arts Foundation

27. Indigenous Australia: Masterworks from the National Gallery of Australia: Franchesca Cubillo

28. Olbricht Collection – Australian Artists

29. It smells like… flowers & fragrances: Dr. Heike Fuhlbrügge

30. EVA & ADELE – L’AMOUR DU RISQUE: Dr. Heike Fuhlbrügge

31. THE LONG NOW – Reflexions on time and transience: Reinhard Buskies

32. The Moment is Eternity – Works from the Olbricht Collection: Annette Kicken

33. ZOO MOCKBA – Toy Animals from the Soviet Union: Sebastian Köpcke & Volker Weinhold

34. BEYOND: Thomas Olbricht

35. B.A.R.O.C.K. – Artistic Interventions in the Wunderkammer Olbricht: Margret Eicher & Mark Gisbourne

36. Kircher . Richter . Burgert: Thomas Olbricht

37. Gerhard Richter – Portraits from the Olbricht Collection: Thomas Olbricht

38. Transverse Wave: Karin Adrian von Roques & Hauke Ohls

39. ART 19 – Box One

40. Gerhard Richter – Abstract works from the Olbricht Collection: Thomas Olbricht

41. MOVING ENERGIES – 10 years me Collectors Room Berlin: Thomas Olbricht