04.03. – 04.06.2017: Picha/Bilder – Zwischen Nairobi & Berlin

Collage Picha Bilder
The exhibition shows works by Berlin-based artists and children living in Kibera, East Africa’s biggest slum. The works were created for the organization One Fine Day as part of a collaboration with the artists Zuzanna Czebatul, Zhivago Duncan, Andreas Golder, Amélie Grözinger, Markus Keibel, Caroline Kryzecki, Erik Schmidt, Pola Sieverding, and Ulrich Wulff.

The artists’ pieces are juxtaposed with the works of their Kenyan students. The contrast makes clear that autonomous works of art can be created during the process of learning an artistic technique and applying one’s imagination.

The works on display may be purchased and the proceeds will benefit the organisation One Fine Day, which was founded in 2008 by  Marie Steinmann and Tom Tykwer. Since 2014, artists have travelled to Nairobi with the curator Juliet Kothe.

We would like to thank fine art service for the framing.

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Picha Bilder - Zwischen Nairobi & Berlin, Installationsansicht, Installation View, 2017 © me Collectors Room, Photo Lidia Tirri

Credits and copyrights:
Children in the workshop of Amélie Grözinger on folding techniques © One Fine Day e.V.
Caroline Kryzecki, KSZ 200/152–05, 2014/16, Courtesy Sexauer Gallery, Photo: Marcus Schneider
Jabes, workshop of Caroline Kryzecki, 2016 © One Fine Day e.V.

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