Olbricht Foundation

The Olbricht Foundation strives to fulfil its mission of making contemporary art accessible to the public, particularly to children and teenagers, and supporting those working in the field of contemporary art. me Collectors Room Berlin is the foundation’s permanent location, where exhibitions presenting various facets of the Olbricht Collection and the Wunderkammer Olbricht are shown in rotation with displays of other international art collections.

In conjunction with the exhibitions, we offer an extensive accompanying programme of events, with public lectures by collectors, artists and experts, concerts, readings and culinary events (such as ‘Art & Dinner’). We also offer an educational programme specifically for children and teenagers. By presenting historical artworks in the Wunderkammer and contemporary art in the rotating exhibitions, and by combining these with music or culinary experiences, we hope to open up new horizons in the experience of art to our guests.

The Olbricht Foundation is particularly active in efforts to anchor art in the everyday lives of children and teenagers. Our children’s programme is geared towards children ranging from nursery age to high school. As part of this area of our work, the Olbricht Foundation maintains partnerships with four primary schools in Berlin.