Events & Mediation

An extensive event and mediation programme accompanied all exhibitions. There were regular discussions with collectors, artists and experts, concerts, readings and culinary evenings (Art & Dinner) (you can find an overview in the archive). The works of the exhibitions were brought closer to the visitors in monthly Art & Mindfulness workshops and guided tours. In addition, the weekly programme (Art & me) with daily changing offers for different target groups and the extensive digital programme were constantly available to all visitors.

By bringing together old art in the Wunderkammer and current art in the changing exhibitions and mixing them in combination with music or culinary experiences, all the senses should be addressed and new horizons of the art experience should be opened to the guests.

A very special concern of the Olbricht Foundation is to anchor art in the everyday lives of children and young people. The children’s programme was aimed at young people from daycare to the end of school.

Künstlergespräch mit Jonas Burgert in der Ausstellung "WONDERFUL - Humboldt, Krokodil & Polke"