05.06.2015: Talk with Siri Hustvedt, Katharina Grosse and Nicola Graef

Siri Hustvedt, Katharina Grosse and Nicola Graef were talking on June, 5 at me Collectors Room Berlin about the topic ‘Women in Art’: What roles do women have in the art world? How are they perceived and how do they perceive themselves? Do women take an active role in getting their work and their persona recognized or are they still underdogs in a man-dominated art world? Are there typical ‘feminine’ topics that female artists touch upon in their work? Can we even still talk about the idea of a feminine discourse today?

Siri Hustvedt:
American writer and essayist Siri Hustvedt researches in her new roman ‘The blazing world’ the role of women in the art world. She portrays the life and work of a fictional female artist in different perspectives. The writer has collaborated as an interviewer for the catalogue of the exhibition ‘Queensize – Female Artists from the Olbricht Collection’.

Katharina Grosse:
The works of Katharina Grosse, born 1961 in Freiburg, have been accorded international attention and recognition in numerous solo and group exhibitions as well as biennales. She is participant of the 56th Venice-Biennale and her works are on show in the exhibitions ‘Katharina Grosse: The Smoking Kid’ (02.05.-21.06.) at König Galerie and ‘Katharina Grosse: Sieben Stunden, Acht Stimmen, Drei Bäume’ (10.07.-11.10.) at Museum Wiesbaden.

Nicola Graef:
Nicola Graef was head of the exhibition space Plan b in Hamburg for several years, before she moved to Berlin in 2008 to work as a film producer. Here Graef opened a sister firm of her company Lonaomedia, which focuses on social, political and wild life themes as well as on culture and arts. She also works as a curator, consults artists and writes catalogue texts. She is the curator of the current exhibition “Queensize – Female Artists from the Olbricht Collection” at me Collectors Room Berlin.