Programme for children and teenagers

It has always been a very special matter close to the heart of the Olbricht Foundation to anchor art in a playful way in the everyday lives of children and young people. For this purpose, open programmes as well as workshops and tours for kindergarten groups and school classes were designed for all exhibitions. In 10 years, around 30,000 children and teenagers could be introduced to art in workshops in the me Collectors Room Berlin. With over 7,000 completed scavenger hunts, the visitor children got to know the artworks in a playful manner and with keen senses using the questionnaires.

For all kids – ART & KIDS
Our open children’s programme ART & KIDS was free of charge and could be started at any time during our opening hours.
With the scavenger hunt the children could use their heightened senses to playfully get to know the artworks of our Wunderkammer.
An audioguide  from kids for kids made a visit of the Wunderkammer an unforgettable experience.

For parents and babies
Every Wednesday parents and babys were cordially invited to ART & BABY. At a special price of 9€ the Wunderkammer Olbricht and the anniversary exhibition “MOVING ENERGIES – 10 years me Collectors Room Berlin” could be visited and a cup of coffee or tea as well as a piece of cake could be enjoyed in our me Café.

For Kindergarten- and school groups
We hoped to awaken the curiosity and willingness to experiment in our young visitors through workshops and tours. In cooperation with artists and art, theatre, and music educators, we offered possibilities for children to interactively and creatively investigate a variety of topics.
On offer were both a programme for school groups and kindergartens for the Wunderkammer and the current exhibitions which could be individually tailored in liaison with teachers.

Digital programme
With the digital programme me Collectors Room Berlin still offers scavenger hunts for children.
With the virtual tour you can either go through the anniversary exhibition “MOVING ENERGIES – 10 years me Collectors Room Berlin” and “Gerhard Richter – Abstract works from the Olbricht Collection” or you can visit the Wunderkammer Olbricht with a video tour. Afterwards you’ll be able to go on the scavenger hunt – have fun!

Digital scavenger hut through the Wunderkammer Olbricht
Answers for the digital scavenger hunt through the Wunderkammer Olbricht

Digital scavenger hunt through the exhibitions “MOVING ENERGIES” and “Gerhard Richter”
Answers for the digital scavenger hunt through the exhibitions “MOVING ENERGIES” and “Gerhard Richter”