Art Moves Us

Art moves us

kunst bewegt uns (2)

On 19.12.2014 at 13.00 clock, we will present the project “Art moves us” at me Collectors Room. The dancer and choreographer Mikel Aristegui developed together with students of the campus Hannah Höch and within the framework of the model program “Culture Agents for Creative Schools” a mysterious performance. Moving dolls, stuffed animals, different treasures from the Wunderkammer Olbricht are brought back to life and brought to the stage, let yourself be surprised!

Artistic director (concept, choreography): Mikel Aristegui /
Choreographic assistance: Angela Lamprianidou /
Actors: Loreana, Sarah, Walid, Luiz, Luca, Feli, Emely, Ilyas, Angi, Minal, Felix H., Lana, Tim, Melissa R., Jakob, Celina, Lamme, Felix, Jamie, Dion, Justin, Emre, Melissa (class 4/5/6 a Campus Hannah Höch, Teacher: Silke Biniek, Educator: Marita Pundt)
Thanks to: : Anne-Katrin Schreyer-Lange, Peyman Pajouhe