Art & Mindfulness Workshop

Workshop for groups of 7-30 participants
Incl. Welcome café & Lunch
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Bringing together mindfulness and art experience, the me Collectors Room Berlin invites you to an innovative workshop to discover greater awareness of what we see. In a peaceful and private environment outside normal opening hours, the gallery becomes a space to slow down and experience personal reflection, team spirit and surprise. The workshop introduces the theory and practice of mindfulness, applying them in experimental and playful ways to the gallery space and artworks.
In an increasingly fast-paced and stressful world, mindfulness has emerged as a promising way for high-performing professionals to develop greater focus, intuition and resilience. Exciting scientific research into the effects of mindfulness shows that being attentive to the present moment positively affects our mental capacities, physical health and social interactions.

The workshop is led by Dr. Nico Roenpagel, who combines his scientific understanding of the benefits of mindfulness with his sustained personal background in yoga, meditation and dance. Nico creates an atmosphere of curiosity conducive to personal growth as professionals.

Designed for groups of 7-30 participants, the workshop begins with light refreshments and ends with a lunch at the me Café to share the mindful experience with colleagues. It is also possible to customize the workshop according to your wishes, such as extending the hours or integrating a special focus, such as, burnout, emotional intelligence, and team building.


09.30 a.m.: Welcome coffee incl. croissant & fruit at the me Café

10.00 a.m. – 12.00 p.m.: Exclusive workshop in the exhibition halls with Dr. Nico Roenpagel

12.00 p.m. – 12.30 p.m.: Lunch (at the choice of chef Joseph Cassar) at the me Café

Our offer/ range:

7 to 10 persons        EUR 180.00 net / per person

11 to 20 persons      EUR 120.00 net / per person

21 to 30 persons      EUR 80.00 net / per person

The Wunderkammer Olbricht

The Wunderkammer Olbricht

The selection and quality of the objects in the Wunderkammer Olbricht is unique in the world. Comprising over 300 objects from the Renaissance and Baroque periods, it is one of the most important private collections of its kind.