14.12., 7 pm: Art & Dinner with Georg Laue and Thomas Olbricht – Wunderkammer

Wednesday, 14 December, 7 pm
The subject of Wunderkammer is in the centre of attention at our event “Art & Dinner”, accompanied by Georg Laue and Thomas Olbricht. Since 2010, our Wunderkammer reanimates the tradition of cabinets of curiosities in Berlin. It provides an insight into the past and manages to fulfil its original intention of some two to five centuries ago: to transport the visitor into a realm of sheer astonishment.
During a festively inspired 3 course menu, Georg Laue, art merchant and Wunderkammer expert, and Thomas Olbricht are going to talk about the history and backgrounds of cabinets of wonder and present hightlights from the Wunderkammer Olbricht. The number of participants is limited to 30 people.

me Collectors Room Berlin

The menu will be drawn up by our chef Joseph Cassar:
Clear brezel-soup with salmon rout and crème fraîche
Corn-fed duck with a variation of chestnuts – aromatised with oranges and chocolate
Small baked apple with cinnamon-pine nuts-ice cream, served with mulled wine