26.04., 4 p.m.: Gerhard Richter’s Colour panel paintings – An art historical lecture by Hubertus Butin

Colour panel paintings as an artistic concept and pictorial design form occupy a central position in Richter’s oeuvre. The lecture will compare these paintings and prints with works by other artists and will bring out the aspects that are fundamental to Richter: the idea of colour as a readymade by using colour sample cards as templates, the use of strictly serial grid structures, the concept of chance as a principle for constituting the image, the rejection of traditional colour theories, and the extensive elimination of subjective categories. Among other things, the lecture will present several works that can also be seen in the current exhibition in me Collectors Room Berlin.

Free admission to the talk (in German language).
Prior registration under: registration@me-berlin.com

Gerhard Richter – Portraits from the Olbricht Collection

Gerhard Richter – Portraits from the Olbricht Collection

Gerhard Richter has secured an international reputation as one of the most important and successful German artists of current times. The exhibition’s focus is also on human images – one of the central themes of Richter’s editioned works since the 1960s.