18.09., 7 p.m.: ART & DINNER with Jonas Burgert

ART & DINNER mit Jonas Burgert & Thomas Olbricht im me Collectors Room Berlin

We hope to open new horizons in the experience of art to our guest. By presenting historical artworks in the Wunderkammer and contemporary art in the rotating exhibitions, and by combining these with music during concerts in the exhibition halls or culinary experiences during events like the ART & DINNER, we want to activate all the senses.

The menu of the ART & DINNER event is always adapted to the subject of the evening and the exhibition. The menu is created by our chef Joseph Cassar. The next ART & DINNER with the artist Jonas Burgert will take place on 18.09.2019 from 7-10 p.m.

The ART & DINNER with Jonas Burgert is fully booked.
Further information about upcoming ART & DINNER events under: event@me-berlin.com