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Claudia Olbricht (President)
Prof. Dr. Dr. Thomas Olbricht


Julia Rust (rust[at]

Manager, Curatorial Affairs

Sarah Sonderkamp (sonderkamp[at] (on maternity leave)
Noelle von Galen (galen[at] (substitute for Sarah Sonderkamp during her maternity leave)

Project Manager

Irena Osadtsaja (osadtsaja[at], Fon +49 30 86 00 85-113)
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Press / Marketing

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Guided tours

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Location Management / Events

Jana Nuss (event[at] / Fon +49 30 86 00 85-110)


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Curator of the Olbricht Collection: Sarah Sonderkamp

Wunderkammer Olbricht: Georg Laue

1. PASSION FRUITS – picked from the Olbricht Collection / Chiefcurator of the Olbricht Collection: Wolfgang Schoppmann

2. OUYANG CHUN – Painting the King: Dr. Margrit Brehm

3. William N. Copley and Andreas Slominski – X-RATED: Wolfgang Schoppmann, Andreas Slominski

4. All Cannibals?: Dr. Jeanette Zwingenberger

5. MY PARIS – Collection Antoine de Galbert: Antoine de Galbert

6. Gerhard Richter – Editions 1965-2011: Wolfgang Schoppmann, Hubertus Butin

7. Through the Looking Glass: Nóra Belovai, Rianne Groen, Marte Elisabeth Paulssen

8. ART & TOYS – Collection Selim Varol: Selim Varol

9. WONDERFUL – Humboldt, Krokodil & Polke: Thomas Olbricht

10. PLAY – The Frivolous and the Serious: Anna-Antonia Stausberg, Philippa O’Driscoll

11. Schöne Grüsse Thomas Schütte: Thomas Schütte

12. PAPERWORLDS: Valeska Hageney, Sylvia Volz

13. Stanze/Rooms – Works from the Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Collection: Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo

14. Exotica and 4 other cases of the self: Fanny Nina Borel, Myrto Katsimicha, Elisabetta Rabajoli

15. Fragile Sense of Hope – Art Collection Telekom: Nathalie Hoyos, Rainald Schumacher

16. QUEENSIZE – Female Artists from the Olbricht Collection

17. A Man Walks Into a Bar…: Franziska und Johannes Sperling

18. A Book of Burning Matches: Collecting Installation Art Documents: Nicolas de Oliveira, Nicola Oxley

19. Falling Fictions: Amy E. Brown, Alejandro Alonso Diaz, Rosie Snaith

20. Cindy Sherman – Works from the Olbricht Collection: Cindy Sherman

21. Private Exposure: Fabiola Flamini, Eilidh McCormick, Alice Montanini

22. My Abstract World: Thomas Olbricht

23. PICHA/IMAGES – Between Nairobi & Berlin: Juliet Kothe

24. Sigmar Polke – The Editions: Tereza de Arruda

25. Edition 12-21

26. Portrait of a Nation: Abu Dhabi Music & Arts Foundation

27. Indigenous Australia: Masterworks from the National Gallery of Australia: Franchesca Cubillo

28. EVA & ADELE – L’AMOUR DU RISQUE: Dr. Heike Fuhlbrügge

Our house

Our house

me Collectors Room is a private museum for changing exhibitions of parts of the Olbricht Collection and other international private art collections in Berlin-Mitte. Furthermore the Wunderkammer Olbricht comprising over 300 objects from the Renaissance and Baroque periods has had its permanent home here since May 2010.


Olbricht Foundation

The Olbricht Foundation strives to fulfil its mission of advancing contemporary art, contemporary artists, and curators and to generate public interest in art, especially among children and teenagers. As well as enabling rotating exhibitions featuring various facets of the Olbricht Collection and other international private art collections, the foundation also presents the cabinet of curiosities, the Wunderkammer, permanently installed at me Collectors Room.